Italy 500 Lire banknote 1943

Italy 500 Lire banknote 1943

500 Italian Lira banknote 1943
Italy 500 Lire banknote 31.3.1943, P-69.

Obverse: Large "C" and allegorical women (left: "Law", right: "Justice"). On the rectangular background, the four corners contain symmetrical drawings of volutes and little rosettes. The rest of the background is covered by interwoven leaves, volutes, rosettes and caulicoles, the only open space being for the watermark and the State seal. The vignette, in blue, consists in an elaborate elliptical cornice with the crowned coat of arms of the House of Savoy at top centre, with the cloak and collar of The Virgin of the Annunciation supported by two putti. The decorative elements of the cornice are architectonic elements, volutes, and putti in various poses. To the left there is the personification of the Law, holding a legal code in the left hand; to the right, the personification of Justice, the right hand resting on the hilt of a sword. At the feet of the Law, a putto and a crouching lion; at the feet of Justice, two semi-reclining putti. In the lower part of the cornice, the main decorative element consists of two lions, each ridden by a putto, facing the centre of the note.

The upper part of the note has "L. 500" in chiaroscuro Roman characters; on the right a helmeted female profile representing Roma, in chiaroscuro, faces the centre of the note. The watermark, in addition to the figure "500" carries the helmeted head of Roma in an oval. No significant alteration of the printing technique used in 1898.

Reverse: The background is completely covered by decorative elements, save for the space for the watermark. At the centre is the personification of Credit, at whose feet are two semi-reclining symbolic female figures. In her lap, a compass; at her feet, rolled-up maps; beside her, six putti loading on wine casks. To the right, an oval containing head of Italia. The surface of the pediment runs with water, symbolizing the sea. The figure of Navigation is projected almost entirely against the oval background showing the winds. Finally, we find a number of putti hauling on anchor chains. On the left-hand pedestal we see Wine-making, a female figure seated on a cask, her right hand lifting up a vine with grape clusters. Beside her, a tripod with a flame, the symbol of science; above and to the right, putti harvesting grapes.

Drawing: Rinaldo Barbetti
Etching: E. Ballarini
Dimensions: 191 x 111 mm., excluding margins.
Paper: white paste watermark.
Characteristics: Letterpress, three colours (no counterfoil).
Printer: I.P.S, O.C.V., Rome (1942-October 1943); I.P.S., plants in the North of Italy (late 1943-early 1945); I.P.S., O.C.V. Rome (from November 1944); Bank of Italy Printing Works.
No. notes authorized: 228,600,000.
Legislation: Ministerial Decree of 25 October 1898; Ministerial Decree of 30 March 1943; Ministerial Decree of 10 August 1943; Ministerial Decree of 15 December 1947; Ministerial Decree of 13 November 1950.

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