Italy 50 Lire banknote 1939

Italy 50 Lire banknote currency money images
Italy 50 Lire banknote
Italy 50 Lire note
Italian lira
Italy 50 Lire banknote 1939 issue, Banca d'Italia.

Obverse: The drawing, rectangular, includes a watermarked medallion on the left encircled by a coloured wreath of fruits, bound together by a purple ribbon. Stylized flowers and coloured Greek frets compose the rectangular outer cornice. The central background, with geometric designs around the number "50", is yellow and red.

Reverse: At the centre we find a bronze-green Capitoline she-wolf. A circular chiaroscuro cornice, intaglioed with ovolos, encircles the watermark medallion; the outer cornice, brown chiaroscuro on a yellow background and encircled by a Greek fret, consists of a festoon of flowers and fruits bound by a ribbon. The watermark, within the medallion apart from the decorated background, shows the profile of Julius Caesar; the vertical borders, also in watermark, carry the words "Lire 50".

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1915-1943 Issue
“modified old type”

25 Lire      50 Lire      100 Lire      500 Lire      1000 Lire

“new type”

50 Lire      100 Lire      500 Lire      1000 Lire