Italy 1000 Lire banknote 1943

Italy 1000 Lire banknote 1943

100 Italian Lira banknote
Italia 1000 Lire banknote 22.9.1943. P-72a.

Obverse: The rectangular background is composed of cornices, volutes, leaves, rosettes and, at the centre, putti in various poses. Undecorated are the two ovals, that on the left containing the letter "M" and that on the right the watermark. The vignette consists of a large rectangular cornice with a dark brown background, with at top centre the Savoy coat of arms with mantle, crown and collar of the Virgin of the Annunciation, flanked by two winged female figures. To the right and the left of this central group, two putti with architectonic elements. In the field to the left, a large "M" occupies the oval space left free of background; the four vertical strokes are adorned with leaves and rosettes, with two putti at the sides and a winged female figure at the centre. The right-hand margin has the indication "Officina Carte Valori - I.P.S." The watermark has the turreted head of Italia within an oval and the labels "Banca d'Italia" and "lire 1000" on the vertical borders.

Reverse: The background is framed within a linear cornice, decorated with ovolos and palmettes. The field is occupied by an interweaving of volutes, rosettes and leaves, with groups of putti in various poses: those in the central rosette bear the emblems of the arts of drawing, those in the right-hand oval are dancing around a rising sun. The vignette consists of an ornamental architectonic frieze with columns, platforms and other ornamental elements. Top centre of the frieze, a man with a long beard and a necklace, the symbol of Credit. In his left hand he holds a cornucopia full of coins, upon which an owl perches; the right hand rests on a sheep, which before the use of money was the symbol of wealth. To the sides of the central figure, vases with leaves and flowers, festoons and putti in various poses. On the left border of the cornice we see Industry, right hand on a gear-wheel and a trident in the left. The right border shows the personification of Trade in the form of a young man in a tunic, standing on a cylindrical base with a long pole in his left hand; nearby, a deer, the emblem of mutual help, propitious for the flowering of trade. Below, an architectonic frieze adorned with putti, festoons and vases with leaves and flowers. At the far right, the frieze sustains a seated female figure, the personification of Agriculture, head crowned with stalks of wheat, her left arm holding a wheat sheaf; beside her, a putto with a sickle. The upper part of these two figures is projected upon the rising sun in the background.

Drawing: Rinaldo Barbetti
Etching: E. Ballarini
Dimensions: 248 x 148.
Paper: white paste watermark.
Characteristics: Letterpress, six colours (no counterfoil).
Printer: I.P.S, O.C.V., Rome (1942-October 1943); I.P.S., plants in the North of Italy (late 1943-early 1945); I.P.S., O.C.V. Rome (from November 1944); Bank of Italy Printing Works.
No. notes authorized: 485,900,000.
Legislation: Ministerial Decree of 30 July 1896; Ministerial Decree of 13 August 1921; Ministerial Decree of 11 December 1942; Ministerial Decree of 10 August 1943; Ministerial Decree of 21 November 1947; Ministerial Decree of 13 November 1950.

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