Italy 25 Lire banknote 1923

Italy 25 Lire banknote 1923

Italy 25 Lira note 1923
Italy 25 Lire banknote 20.8.1923 Biglietti Di Stato. P-24a.

Obverse: The drawing consists of a background and a vignette. The background, in dark brown, inside a cornice, consists of a set of delicately shaded rays issuing forth from a square portraying the turreted head of Italia. In the oval on the background, in chiaroscuro watermark, the helmeted head of Minerva, identical to that in the oval on the reverse side. The vignette, printed in neutral black, shows at the right the turreted head of Italia surmounted by a Latin eagle with wings spread, claws clenching a flagstaff with the nation's flag.

Reverse: The light turquoise background consists of a drawing is a cloth-like, scalloped design. The vignette, dark turquoise, has an elliptical form with lance-like rays; at the sides, two ovals, one for the watermark and the other for the head of Minerva.

Drawing: Giovanni Pietrucci
Dimensions: 130 x 78mm. (plus a white border on all four sides, several mm wide)
Paper: white watermark.
Characteristics: Letterpress.
Printer: Bank of Italy printing works
No. notes authorized: 14,000,000
Legislation: Legislative Decree 1786, 4 November 1917; Ministerial Decree of 11 January 1918; Royal Decree Law 965 of 26 April 1923.

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