Italy 100 Lire banknote 1931

Italy 100 Lire banknote 1931

100 Italian Lira banknote
Italy 100 Lire banknote 2.3.1931. P-50c.

Obverse: The rectangular, pale pink background fills the entire field with ornaments and spiral decorations, with the sole exception of the spaces for the watermark and the vignette. The vignette, brown in colour, has a large "B" in the top left corner on a dark background decorated in light colour by thin arabesques and a tiny ornamental figure sustaining a placard with the figure "100". Below it, two putti with the coat of arms of the House of Savoy, crowned and encircled by the collar of The Virgin of the Annunciation on the royal mantle. The lower left of the vignette is occupied by an architectural pediment on which there is a semi-reclining female figure holding in her left hand a sceptre with radiant sun, the symbol of Knowledge. On the right pedestal we find a vase, with a plume of smoke, and a putto with scales and sword, the personification of the Genie of Justice.

This version differs from the original 1897 version (modified in 1925) by the indication "Officina Carte Valori - I.P.S." at the right margin. At the left-hand margin, the reference to the date of the ministerial decree giving the characteristics of every type of banknote is modified in accordance with the new decree. The watermark shows not only the figure "100" but also a head of Mercury in an oval.

Reverse: Like the face, consists of a background and a vignette. The background, earth-coloured, light shadowed, is rectangular with a rounded cornice of moulding. Inside, a strip decorated with leaves and volutes, and in the four corners small medallions with four heads. Not covered by the background are only the two large ovals: on the left for the watermark, on the right the vignette. The vignette, sepia-coloured, consists of a female figure personifying Science, with the book of knowledge in her left hand and the torch of knowledge in her right. At her feet, four putti, to whom science is transmitting the first spark of knowledge, symbolically represented by the candle that one of the putti lights at the torch. Behind the female figure, atop the tribune, a fifth putto, seated, holding a mirror; beneath him perches a parrot, the symbol of eloquence. In the field to left, six more putti, who are drawing from the sea, with nets, a golden tripod, the emblem of science, which according to myth was taken from the sea at the island of Coos and, according to the oracle, destined for the wisest man in Greece.

There is no difference from the original characteristics set in 1897 except for the replacement of the State seal by the Bank of Italy logo.

Drawing: Rinaldo Barbetti
Etching: E. Ballarini
Dimensions: 170 x 100 mm., excluding margins.
Paper: white paste watermark.
Characteristics: Ministerial decree of 18 December 1925: printed in letterpress in six colours (no counterfoil); ministerial decree of 28/29 February 1944: imprinted in two colours, one lithograph (background) and one letterpress (vignette).
Printer: I.P.S, O.C.V., Rome (1942-October 1943); I.P.S., plants in the North of Italy (late 1943-early 1945); I.P.S., O.C.V. Rome (from November 1944).
No. notes authorized: 163,600,000.
Legislation: Ministerial Decree of 30 October 1897; Ministerial Decree of 18 December 1925; Ministerial Decree of 7 December 1942; Ministerial Decree of 10 August 1943; Ministerial Decree of 28 February 1944; Ministerial Decree of 29 February 1944.

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