Italy 100 Lire banknote 1943

Italy 100 Lire banknote 1943

100 Italian Lira
Italy 100 Lire banknote 13.2.1943. P-60.

Obverse: This rectangular note has pilaster strips at the corners and two ovals for the watermarks, encircled by oak crowns. The watermarks depict heads of Italia (left) and of Dante (right). Lower centre, the seated figure of Roma with the she-wolf, in copperplate. The central background of the note, imprinted in three colours, consists of intertwined quatrefoils, showing the figure 100.
Reverse: A large Roman eagle, printed in two colours, red and yellow, occupies the centre of the note, surrounded by placards and cornices finely decorated with festoons of fruit and olive branches with olives.

Drawing: Giovanni Capranesi
Dimensions: (to the farthest point of the drawing) 169 x 92 mm.
Paper: special white pulp, paste watermark.
Characteristics: Chrome letterpress and copperplate.
Printer: Bank of Italy printing works, Rome; Bank of Italy Printing Works, L'Aquila (1942-43).
No. notes authorized: 255,000,000.
Legislation: Ministerial decree of 5 October 1931; ministerial decree of 22 May 1942; ministerial decree of 9 August 1943.

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1915-1943 Issue
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