Italy 1000 Lire 1943

Italy 1000 Lire banknote

1000 Italian Lira banknote
Italy 1000 Lire banknote 1943 Banca D'Italia, 6.8.1943. P-63.

Obverse: The note has a Renaissance-style floral decoration. The white, light blue and dark blue frieze around the note contains two placards on each side on a violet security background, showing the serial number and the value of the note. At the centre, an allegorical group, in copperplate, symbolizing the maritime republics of Genoa and Venice reclining on an architectonic base and leaning on pillars engraved with the coats of arms of their respective cities. Behind, in the centre, the prow and bowsprit of a sailing ship. A floral festoon links the two ovals containing the watermark, each encircled by free-style ornamentation of old-gold oak leaves. The watermarks are profiles of Christopher Columbus and of Italia.

Reverse: Against a background decorated by a geometric composition in four colours, the note carries a copperplate reproduction of one of the two statuary groups that graced the fa├žade of Palazzo Koch, showing Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. The group is within a circle with white and yellow decorations. The note is bordered by a large floral festoon limited at the outer edge by a blue decoration and at the inner edge by a blue Greek fret design on a geometric, purple background.

Drawing: Giovanni Capranesi
Dimensions: 222 x 126 mm. (including the white borders); the printed portion, 205 x 109.5 mm.
Paper: special white pulp, paste watermark.
Characteristics: Four-colour chrome letterpress and copperplate (the typographical part is printed in chrome, four colours).
Printer: Bank of Italy printing works, Rome; Bank of Italy Printing Works, L'Aquila (1942-43).
No. notes authorized: 52,000,000.
Legislation: Ministerial Decree of 18 May 1929; Ministerial Decree of 20 June 1930; Ministerial Decree of 22 May 1942; Ministerial Decree of 9 August 1943.

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