1901 Ten Dollar Bison Note

US currency 10 Dollar Bison Note Series of 1901
1901 Ten Dollar Bison
1901 10 Dollars Legal Tender Note
$10 “Bison Note,” Series of 1901
1901 Ten Dollar “Bison Note” Legal Tender Note

Series of 1901 $10 bills are very popular. Ten dollar bills from 1901 have many nicknames: Bison Note, Buffalo note, Lewis and Clark note.
The Series 1901 Ten Dollar “Bison Note” was ranked 6st most beautiful note in the book 100 Greatest American Currency Notes compiled by Bowers and Sundman.

Obverse: American Bison between the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.
There is disagreement over whether the bison is Black Diamond, the animal on the reverse of the Indian Head nickel, or Pablo, a bison who resided at the Washington Zoo.
Reverse: Female figure representing Columbia standing between two pillars and two scrolls.
Signatures: (as depicted) William S. Elliott (Register of the Treasury) and Frank White, Treasurer of the United States.

Inscriptions:  United States Note  -  Series of 1901  -  This Note Is A Legal Tender For Ten Dollars Subject To The Provisions of Section 3588 R.S.  -  The United States of American Will Pay To The Bearer Ten Dollars  -  Authorized By The Legal Tender Acts of 1862 and 1863  -  Lewis  -  Clark  -  Register Of The Treasury  -  Treasurer Of The United States  -  Washington, D.C.   -  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur  -  This Note Is A Legal Tender For Its Face Value For All Debts Public and Private Except Duties On Imports And Interest On The Public Debt

United States 10 Dollar Bills

United States 10 Dollar Bill, “Bison” Legal Tender Note 1901

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