1861 Ten Dollar Demand Note

United States paper money 1861 Ten Dollar Demand Note
United States Paper Money $10 Demand Note 1861
10 Dollar Demand Note Greenback
1861 $10 Demand Note Greenback
United States paper money - 1861 Ten Dollar Demand Note 
Payable at Philadelphia 

Obverse: Bust of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, 1861–1865. At top center, an eagle with draped shield. At right, a female allegory representing Art.
Reverse: United States of America Ten Dollars 10 - X - 10 Printed in green. The green reverses of the Demand Notes are the origin of the term ‘Greenback’ as applied to U.S. paper money in general.

Inscriptions:  American Bank Note Co. New York  -  Ten  -  The United States Promise To Pay Ten Dollars To The Bearer on Demand  -  Washington  -  Aug. 10th 1861  -  Payable by the Assistant Treasurer of the United States at  -  Act of July 17. 1861  -  For The Register Of The Treasury  -  For The Treasurer Of The United States  -  Patented 30 June 1857  -  United States of America Ten Dollars  -  Receivable In Payment of All Public Dues

1861 "Dollars on Demand" Issue

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United States 10 Dollar Bill, Demand Note, Series 1861

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