1864 Ten Dollar Compound Interest Treasury Note

United States currency 10 Dollar Compound Interest Treasury Note 1864
1864 10 Dollar Compound Interest Treasury Note
United States paper money 1864 $10 Compound Interest Treasury Note
1864 $10 Compound Interest Treasury Note
United States paper money - 1864 Ten Dollar Compound Interest Treasury Note

Obverse: Head of Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury under Abraham Lincoln, 1861 - 1864. At the center, an eagle. At the right, a female allegory representing Peace. The obverse of each note is surcharged in large gold letters with “Compound Interest Treasury Note” and the numerals of the denomination.
Reverse: Ornate Engraved Design. Redemption value $.
Signatures: (as depicted) Stoddard Benham Colby, Register of the Treasury and Francis Elias Spinner, Treasurer of the United States.

Inscriptions:  This Note Is A Legal Tender For Ten Dollars  -  Treasury Department  -  Act of June 30th 1864  -  Three Years After Date The United States Will Pay The Bearer With Interest At The Rate Of Six Percent Interest Per Annum Ten Dollars  -  Treasury Note  -  Register Of The Treasury  -  Treasurer Of The United States  -  By Act of Congress this Note is a Legal Tender for Ten Dollars but bears Interest at six percent compounded every six months though payable only at maturity as follows  -  This sum $11.94 will be paid the holder for principal and at maturity of note three years from date.

Salmon P. Chase
Salmon Portland Chase (January 13, 1808 – May 7, 1873) was an American politician and jurist who served as U.S. Senator from Ohio and the 23rd Governor of Ohio; as U.S. Treasury Secretary under President Abraham Lincoln; and as the sixth Chief Justice of the United States.
   Chase articulated the "slave power conspiracy" thesis, devoting his energies to the destruction of what he considered the Slave Power - the conspiracy of Southern slave owners to seize control of the federal government and block the progress of liberty. He coined the slogan of the Free Soil Party, "Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men". Chief Justice Chase presided over the Senate trial of Andrew Johnson during the President's impeachment proceedings in 1868.

United States 10 Dollar Bills

United States 10 Dollar Bill, Compound Interest Treasury Note, Series 1864

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