1882 10 Dollar Value Back National Currency Bank Note 5212 The German National Bank Of Marietta

1882 10 Dollar Value Back National Currency Bank Note
1882 $10 Value Back National Currency
National Currency 1882 Ten Dollar bill Value Back
Series of 1882 Ten Dollar Value Back National Currency
1882 Ten Dollar National Currency Value Back | The German National Bank Of Marietta, Charter number 5212.

Obverse: At the left, Benjamin Franklin drawing electricity from the sky with a kite and a key. At the right, Liberty soaring on an eagle, clutching lightning in her hand. Blue Treasury seal.
Reverse: At the left, head of William P. Fessenden, Secretary of the Treasury in 1864. At the right, seated figure representing Mechanics. “TEN DOLLARS” - Denomination on Back. All notes of this type bear the denomination of the note, spelled out in large letters in the same panel on the green back formerly occupied by “1882-1908.”
Signatures: (as depicted) Judson Whitlocke Lyons, Register of the Treasury and Ellis Henry Roberts, Treasurer of the United States.

Inscriptions:  National Currency  -  This Note Is Secured By Bonds Of The United States Or Other Securities  -  Series 1882  -  Will Pay Ten Dollars To Bearer on Demand  -  Register of the Treasury  -  Treasurer of the United States  -  This Note is receivable at par in all parts of the United States in payment of all taxes and excises and all other dues to the United States except duties on imports and also for all salaries and other debts and demands owing by the United States to Individuals Corporations & associations within the United States except Interest on Public Debt  -  Counterfeiting or altering this note, or passing any counterfeit of alteration of it, or having in possession any false or counterfeit plate or impression of it, or any paper made in imitation of the paper on which it is printed, is felony, and is punishable by $1,000 fine or 15 years imprisonment at hard labor or both..

The German National Bank Of Marietta

The German National Bank Of Marietta in Ohio printed $2,143,200 dollars worth of national currency. Over $1,000,000 face value is a lot of money. However, some types and denominations of currency from this bank could still be rare. The bank was organized on May 29, 1899, and did well for a number of years. On February 21, 1918, the name was changed to the Central National Bank. All did not go well and it went into receivership on January 24, 1927. This national bank opened in 1899 and stopped printing money in 1927, which equals a 29 year printing period. That is a fairly normal lifespan for a national bank. During its life, The German National Bank Of Marietta issued 4 different types and denominations of national currency. For the record, The German National Bank Of Marietta was located in Washington County. It was assigned charter number 5212.

The German National Bank Of Marietta also printed 10,200 sheets of $10 1882 blue seal national bank notes. These were only issued by banks for about ten years. So it is unusual to see such a high sheet output. This will likely be a common issue unless it is rare signature combination variety. All of these notes say series of 1882 but they were actually printed between 1908 and 1921. So they aren’t quite as old as the dates might suggest. There is also a date on these notes that is between 1888 and 1901. That date is written in cursive text and it represents when the bank was chartered or re-chartered. Some of the so called 1882 value back notes have a chance to be really rare. Most of the earlier notes that say 1882-1908 on the back are likely going to be relatively common. The designs are exactly the same on the front. Each has a blue seal and charter number.

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1882 10 Dollar Value Back National Currency Bank Note 5212 The German National Bank Of Marietta

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