1861 $20 Dollar One Year Interest Bearing Note

Old American Paper Money US currency 1861 $20 One Year Interest Bearing Note

Federal Proofs. Act of July 17, 1861. $20 One Year Interest Bearing Note. Uncirculated. Face Essay Proof.

Plate C. Imprint of the American Bank Note Co. New-York. India paper mounted on archive paper sheet. Bottom center, wide green die with outlined XX protector. Top center, bisecting Gothic UNITED and STATES, Army and Navy by Henry Herrick, engraved by Louis Delnoce. Left, Civil War soldier with fort to upper left. Right, seated sailor and cannon. Intricate pattern border. 3.65% Interest. Hessler ITE5, page 65. Rarity-7. A stunning design and great rarity from a series with no issued notes emitted. Very distinctive and related to the Legal Tender $3 bill essays written about long ago in Paper Money magazine by Gene Hessler. Note the Act date created the first Demand Notes. The first we have catalogued for sale in nearly 25 years of cataloguing Federal Proofs. This proof was discovered in the American Banknote Company archives and was considered one of the major finds in that incredible trove.

United States 20 Dollar Bills

United States 20 Dollar Bill, One Year Interest Bearing Note, Series 1861

20 Dollars : United States Military Payment Certificates US MPC