National Bank Notes 1902 50 Dollar 3854 The Merchants National Bank of Aurora

1902 50 Dollar Blue Seal National Bank Note
1902 $50 Blue Seal National Bank Note
Large Size Fifty Dollar National Bank Notes
US National Banknotes 1902 $50 Dollar Bill
1902 50 Dollar Blue Seal National Bank Note | The Merchants National Bank of Aurora, Charter number 3854.

Obverse: Bust of John Sherman, Secretary of the Treasury from 1877-1881 and Secretary of State from 1897-1898. Blue Treasury seal.
Reverse: “Mechanics and Navigation” engraved by G.F.C. Smillie after Ostrander Smith’s design.
Predominant colors: Black and green.
Printer & Engraver: Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.

 Inscriptions:  National Currency  -  Secured By United States Bonds or Other Securities  -  United States of America Will Pay To The Bearer On Demand Fifty Dollars  -  Register of the Treasury  -  Treasurer of The United States  -  Cashier  -  President  -  Series of 1902  -  This note is receivable at par in all parts of the United States in payment of all taxes and excises and all other dues to the United States except duties on imports and also for all salaries and other debts and demands owing by The United States to individuals corporations and associations within the United States except interest on the public debt.

The Merchants National Bank of Aurora

The Merchants National Bank of Aurora in Illinois printed $1,765,800 dollars worth of national currency. Over $1,000,000 face value is a lot of money. This national bank opened in 1888 and stopped printing money in 1935, which equals a 48 year printing period. That is a fairly normal lifespan for a national bank. During its life, The Merchants National Bank Of aurora issued 9 different types and denominations of national currency. For the record, The Merchants National Bank of Aurora was located in Kane County. It was assigned charter number 3854.

The Merchants National Bank of Aurora also printed 4,305 sheets of $50 1902 blue seal national bank notes. There is no trick to knowing which 1902 blue seals will be common and rare. Often times the number printed won’t tell you much information. The value still comes down to condition and demand. In fact, most 1902 $50 bills we see are worth between $750 and $1,250. The rarer ones can be worth more than $5,000.

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