$20 Military Payment Certificate Series 691

Twenty Dollars Military Payment Certificate MPC
20 Dollars Military Payment Certificate US MPC Series 691
Twenty Dollars Military Payment Certificate US MPC Series 691 Vietnam War

Obverse: Figure of young woman wearing a bonnet. The Vignette: ‘America’ Head, was engraved by Alfred Sealey in 1869 and used for the Export Tobacco Stamp in 1872, and on a Plate Printers’ Ball ticket.
Reverse: Eagle.
Text: “for use only in united states military establishments by united states authorized personnel in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.”
Printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).
Issued: August 11, 1969  
Withdrawn: October 7, 1970

Series 691 Military Payment Certificates 

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20 Dollars  : United States Military Payment Certificates US MPC