20 Dollars Military Payment Certificate, Series 661

20 Dollars United States Military Payment Certificate Series 661
Series 661 $20 Military Payment Certificate
20 Dollars US Military Payment Certificate MPC Series 661
Series 661 Twenty Dollars MPC
20 Dollars United States Military Payment Certificate Series 661

Obverse: Vignette of Beautiful Young Lady engraved by F. T. Howe.
Reverse: Vignette "The Bouquet" engraved by Edward R. Felver. This reverse vignette was prominent on the front of the Bank of the Philippine Islands 50 Peso note used early in the 20th century, but designed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington D.C.
Number of Notes Printed: 8,000,000

Series 611 military payment certificates were only used in Vietnam. The Series 611 Military Payment Certificates were printed by U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Nearly 289 million dollars in face value was issued. They were introduced into circulation on October 21st, 1968 and redeemed on August 11th, 1969. The front and back of each note has text that reads “for use only in United States military establishments by United States authorized personnel in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.”

Series 661 Military Payment Certificates

20 Dollars       10 Dollars       5 Dollars       One Dollar 
50 Cents       25 Cents       10 Cents       5 Cents

20 Dollars  : United States Military Payment Certificates US MPC