Banknotes of France 10 French Francs banknote of 1942 Mineur

World Paper Money France 10 French Francs war banknote bill
France money 10 French Francs
Bank France 10 French francs banknote bill
 Banque de France - dix francs 
France banknotes 10 French Francs Miner "Mineur" banknote of 1942, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France.
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10 French francs Miner "Mineur" banknote created on September 11, 1941, put into circulation from November 11, 1943 by the Bank of France. This banknote was issued for replacing the 10 francs Minerva.

Obverse: Portrait of a miner in a helmet with an ax on his shoulder, and landscape of settlement at the background, surrounded by two statues of miners. Colors predominantly are brown and gray.
Reverse: Portrait of a peasant mother with a white scarf on a head that keeps one hand a small child and a hoe with the other hand., against the background of bell and rural landscape where spend two oxen with the yoke. Colors predominantly are shades yellow, green and blue.
Watermark: Jeanne d'Arc - Joan of Arc in helmet.
The dimensions are 118 mm x 75 mm.

This 10 francs banknote arises in the context of the German occupation of France. The General Council of the Bank of France wanted to develop a range evoking businesses and regions, an issue that aroused some controversy in the press at the time (see 5 francs Berger).

In the first draft presented to the General Council in 1939 by Jonas, we saw the front one soldier with rifle on shoulder.

Even though mentions the work and family, two themes dear for Pétain, however found this banknote thanks to the Government formed the Liberation since it was printed until 1949 and withdrawn from circulation in 1951. He was deprived of legal tender on 1 January 1963.
It was painted in polychrome by a specialist in iconography mining Lucien Jonas, and engraved by Camille Beltrand and Ernest Pierre Deloche.

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