France banknotes 5000 Francs banknote of 1945 Union Française

France currency money banknotes 5000 French Francs
5000 Francs, Empire Française
5000 French Francs banknote - Union Française - Allegory of French colonial empire - Woman representing France with Colonial Natives.

banknote 5000 French Francs Allegory of France
France banknotes 5000 French francs
Currency of France 5000 Francs banknote of 1945 - Allegory of France - Woman representing France, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France.
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Obverse: Allegory of French Colonies: a young white blonde woman symbolizing France against a backdrop of French tricolour flags, surrounded by a Sudanese, an Annamese and a Berber, surrounded by a garland of colorful flowers and fruits.

I think that the idea for the design of this bill was taken from propaganda poster of the Vichy government: "Three colors, one flag, one empire" by Eric Castel, "Trois couleurs, un drapeau, un empire" (1940).

Reverse: Same young white blonde woman symbolizing France against a backdrop of fruits and flowers, and maritime city landscape on each side: view of the city in Indochina at right side and in Algeria at left.

Watermark: Profiles of French, African and Asian women.
The dimensions are 208 mm x 115 mm.
The vignette was designed based on the work of painter Clement Serveau, engraving by Camille Beltrand, Jules Piel and Rita Dreyfus.

The 5000 French francs Union française is a banknote in French francs which was created March 5, 1942 by the Bank of France and issued June 4, 1945 to replace in circulation the 5000 francs Victory and 5000 francs Flameng. This 5000 franc banknote will be replaced by the 5000 francs Terre et Mer.

This 5000 francs Union française banknote is the only one note whose theme is the French Colonial Empire. The nickname of the note is also "5000 francs French Empire" but the French Union, though constitutionally enacted in 1946, remained a concept developed in 1944 by General Charles De Gaulle, who took an active part in decisions of monetary reform.

5000 francs Union française banknotes suddenly ceased to be legal tender 29 January 1948 and withdrawn from circulation from 31 January 1948.
5000 francs banknotes was canceled in order to combat the growing black market, exchange of banknotes produced only for small investors quotas and only two 5000 francs bills per household.

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