Currency of France 500 French Francs banknote 1942 La Paix

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 Currency of France 500 French Francs banknote 
Bank France money currency 500 Francs banknote bill
 Banque de France - Billet de 500 Francs
Currency of France 500 French Francs "La Paix" banknote of 1942, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France
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Obverse: Bust of a Woman draped in a yellow and blue robes, crowned Laurel and Oak Leaf Wreath, holding an olive branch in her hand, symbolizing the peace. The vignette is surrounded by laurel leaves to flowers and olive trees, oak and wheat. Surmounted by two monograms of the Bank of France, center, a composition bouquet of laurel and oak leaves yellow.

Reverse: Profile busts of a young man holding a tool on the shoulder of a young woman with ears of wheat and two daisies stuck in her hair, symbolizing the Agriculture and Youth, all within a framework of olive leaves and oak in the center, forming a cross a composition which fits the monogram of the Bank.

Watermark: Woman's profile Laureate (the Peace) and the monogram of the Banque de France.
The dimensions are 195 x 115 mm.

500 French francs Peace "La Paix" banknote created by the Banque de France January 4, 1940 and was issued on February 25, 1941, to replace in circulation the 500 francs "bleu et rose".
This 500 franc banknote will be replaced by the 500 francs Chateaubriand.
This banknote belongs to the series of notes printed in intaglio and color process, a technique still used today to obtain sharper and relief features. It was inaugurated in 1934 with the 5000 francs "Victory" a general theme to strengthen national cohesion.
The "bleu et rose" 500 francs existed since 1888, which is a record: the need for a new 500 franc note was felt since the end of the war and a banknote trial was launched in 1921 following a theme "Science and philosophy, "a beautifully crafted, signed by the painter Émile Friant. A final type was finally passed in 1939, and 500 francs Peace "La Paix" was created ... during the military conflict with Germany - World War II.
The 500 francs Peace "La Paix" was printed from January 1940 to March 1945 and withdrawn from circulation and deprived of its legal tender on 4 June 1945.
This note is the work of painter Sébastien Laurent (1887-1973) and was engraved by Georges Hourriez (1878 -?) And Marguerite [Rita] Dreyfus (1879-1942).
Polychrome tones are remarkably balanced.

The EURO has replaced the French Franc as the official currency in France in 2002.