France Currency 5 Francs Zodiac banknote of 1916

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 French old paper money 5 Francs Zodiac banknote 
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  French banknotes5 Francs Zodiac banknote, 1905 type. 
France Currency 5 Francs Zodiac banknote of 1916, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France
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5 French francs Black "Noir" is a French banknote issued by the Bank of France following the law of 29 December 1871. It is the first French 5 franc bank note.
The nickname "Zodiac" comes from two 12 zodiacal signs that marked the front, in the middle of the serial number, the different months of emissions. This bank note is the work of painter Camille Chazal, engraving by Dujardin:
- obverse: are represented allegorical figures (Force, Work, Fortune)
- reverse: (Agriculture, Science, Wisdom) on the 1871 type only.
The watermark is a white woman's head in profile with the words "Banque de France" below.
The dimensions are 126 x 80 mm.
The type 1905
This model is reproduced identically for the front only 2 January 1912 but in a blue monotype created in 1905 to thwart counterfeiting (the blue color disappears when photographic platemaking), moreover, the index "Five francs "is printed in blue instead of black. Reverse type 1905, there are cornucopias of fruit and flowers surrounding a large white cartridge. There is a variant of the latter, where the sign of July Leo is reversed. Georges Duval take the obverse of Camille Chazal banknote and created the reverse side of 1905 type 5 francs bank note.
Launched July 30, 1914, it has gradually withdrawn from circulation December 30, 1918 and permanently deprived of legal tender on 31 December 1933.