Banknotes of France 1000 French Francs note 1943

France currency banknotes values 1000 French Francs
Banknotes of France 1000 Francs bill
banknotes of France money currency 1000 Francs bill
Billet de 1000 Francs
French banknotes 1000 French Francs note of 1943, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France.
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Obverse: Statue of the goddess Demeter, Greek goddess of fertility, the deification of Food land, protective ground, guaranteeing the fairness of commercial transactions. The background is composed of a Provencal landscape with a flock of goats led by a shepherd. The banknote framed by two columns supporting a pediment.
Reverse: On the left, bronze statue of Mercury. Bas relief depicting the main work of Hercules. Right, Cerberus, monstrous multi-headed dog of Greek mythology, the guardian of Hades vanquished by Hercules, Minerva, which offers the golden apples of the Hesperides. On the other hand, Dejanira substituting for Atlas to support the World. A panorama of the port of Rouen at center.
Watermark: The Hermes of Praxiteles.

French Banknotes
1941-1950 Issue

5 Francs Berger    10 Francs Mineur    20 Francs    100 Francs Rene Descartes    500 Francs Jean-Baptiste Colbert    1000 Francs Demeter    5000 French Union