Brazil 500 Mil Reis banknote 1926

Brazil banknotes 500 Mil Reis note 1926 Efígie da República
Brazil banknotes 500 Mil Reis 1926 Naval Battle of Riachuelo by Victor Meirelles
Brazil 500 Mil Reis banknote 1926 Republica Dos Estados Unidos Do Brasil
Caxia de Estabilizacao, Valor Recebio em Ouro
 (1ª Estampa, Issued in 1926, this note was exchanged for gold ingots and coins, with the purpose of building a reserve to make Brazilian money stronger) 

Obverse: Allegorical Portrait of a Woman - Efígie da República at center. The Efígie da República (Portuguese for Effigy of the Republic) is used as a national personification, both in Brazil and in Portugal, symbolizing the Republic.
Reverse: Naval Battle of Riachuelo by Victor Meirelles (1883).
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Naval Battle of Riachuelo - Part of the Paraguayan War
The naval Battle of Riachuelo was a key point in the Paraguayan War. By late 1864, Paraguay had scored a series of victories in the war; on June 11, 1865, however, its naval defeat by Brazil on the Paraná River began to turn the tide in favor of the allies.
The Paraguayan War, also known as the War of the Triple Alliance, and in Paraguay as the "Great War", was an international military conflict in South America fought from 1864 to 1870 between Paraguay and the Triple Alliance of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. It caused approximately 400,000 deaths, one of the highest ratios of fatalities to combatants of any war in South America in modern history. It particularly devastated Paraguay, which suffered catastrophic losses in population and was forced to cede territory to Argentina and Brazil.

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500 Mil Reis banknote 1926 Caxia de Estabilizacao