Brazilian banknotes 100 Mil Reis banknote of 1926 Gold Certificate

Brazil banknotes money currency Brazilian real Reis Cruzado Cruzeiro Reais
 World Paper Money - Brazil 100 Mil Reis banknote 
Banknotes Money currency from Brazil - 100 MilReis Cruzados Cruzeiros Reais
 Brazil 100 Mil Reis banknote - Caixa de Estabilização   
World Paper Money - Brazil banknotes 100 Mil Reis banknote of 1926, issued by the Caixa de Estabilização - Gold Certificate.
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Obverse: "Reveria", engraving Sukeichi Oyama from the painting of Friedrich Paul Thumann - "The Fates".
Reverse: Old building of Caixa de Estabilização in Rio de Janeiro, currently (Mecir) Currency Management Department of Central Bank of Brazil.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Brazilian 100 Mil Reis Bank Notes

100 Mil Reis banknote 1926 Caxia de Estabilizacao