Brazilian banknotes 20 Mil Reis banknote of 1926 Gold Certificate, 1ª Estampa

Brazil banknotes currency 20 Mil Reis bill
Brazilian banknotes 20 Mil Reis bill 
Brazil money 20 Mil Reis bank note
Brazilian paper money 20 Mil Reis banknote 
Brazilian banknotes Gold Certificate 20000 Reis banknote of 1926, issued by the Caixa de Estabilização
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Republica Dos Estados Unidos Do Brasil: Caxia de Estabilizacao (Stabilization Board), Valor Recebio em Ouro - 20 Mil Reis, (1ª Estampa, Issued in 1926, this note was exchanged for gold ingots and coins, with the purpose of building a reserve to make Brazilian money stronger) Pick 104.

Obverse: Allegorical Portrait of a Woman - Effigy of the Republic.
Reverse: A view of Rio de Janeiro - Jardim da Gloria.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Brazilian Bank Notes 20 Mil Reis

20 Mil Reis banknote 1926 Caxia de Estabilizacao