Brazilian Banknotes 500 Mil Reis banknote of 1931 Floriano Peixoto

Brazil currency money Reis Cruzado Cruzeiro Real Reais banknote Field Marshal
 Brazil 500 Mil Reis banknote - Marshal Floriano Peixoto  
Brazil paper money currency 500 Mil Reis Cruzado Cruzeiro Real Reais
Cédula 500 Mil Reis Marechal Floriano Peixoto
Brazilian Banknotes 500 Mil Reis banknote 1931 issued by the Tesouro Nacional - República dos Estados Unidos do Brazil, Estampa 15
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Obverse: Portrait of Marshal Floriano Peixoto (1839 - 1895) Brazilian soldier and politician, a veteran of the Paraguayan War, 1st Vice-President of Brazil (1891) and the second president of Brazil (1891 – 1894). He is often referred to as "the Consolidator of the Republic" or "The Iron Marshal".
Reverse: Coat of arms of Brazil.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

Brazilian 500 Mil Reis Bank Notes

500 Mil Reis banknote 1931 Floriano Peixoto