Maldives paper money 100 Rufiyaa banknote of 1960

Maldives banknotes 100 Rupee Rufiyaa currency Paper Money
100 rufiyaa note  
Maldives Rufiyaa 100 Rupee Paper Money
Maldives banknotes - 100 Rufiyaa
Currency of the Maldives 100 Rufiyaa banknote of 1960
Maldives state Treasury Issue
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On the obverse two vignettes. To the left is a vignette of a lateen rigged mas dhoani (a small sailing vessel used for fishing) with a palm tree, while to the right is a vignette of a square rigged vessel known as a mas odi or ‘fishing odi’. The mas odi is an older style of fishing vessel.

Reverse: Buildings and gardens of the Court of Eterekoilu looking from the north. The tallest building on the right is the Aa-Koattery Buruzu (New Fort Bastion). The tall building on the left is the Veyodorhu Ganduvaru Mathige. Most of the Sultan’s Palace and gardens were torn down in 1968. The area now includes the ‘Sultan’s Park’, which surrounds the National Museum, while the Islamic Centre and Mosque is built on the area in the foreground of the illustration.

Maldive Islands banknotes - Maldives paper money
1947-1980 Issue

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