Maldives banknotes 50 Rufiyaa note of 1960

Maldives money currency banknotes 50 Rufiyaa
50 rufiyaa note
Maldives banknotes paper Money 50 Rufiyaa note
Maldives banknotes 50 rufiyaa
Maldives State Government Treasurer - 50 Rufiyaa bank note of 1960
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On the obverse two vignettes. To the left is a vignette of a lateen rigged mas dhoani (a small sailing vessel used for fishing) with a palm tree, while to the right is a vignette of a square rigged vessel known as a mas odi or ‘fishing odi’. The mas odi is an older style of fishing vessel.

Reverse: The Ibrahimiyya Building, a two-storeyed construction by the wharf in Male harbour. Used for many purposes over the years, including the Customs House, it no longer remains standing. To the left of the building is the Dhathurah Araavadaigannavaa Gate (Royal Embarkation Gate), the entrance to the Court of Eterekoilu from the harbour.

Maldive Islands banknotes - Maldives paper money
1947-1980 Issue

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