Currency of Maldives 2 Rufiyaa banknote of 1960

Maldives banknotes paper money 2 rufiyaa note bill
2 rufiyaa note
Money currency of Maldives 2 rufiyaa banknote
Currency of Maldives 2 rufiyaa
Maldives state Treasury Issues - 2 rufiyaa banknote of 1960
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On the obverse two vignettes. To the left is a vignette of a lateen rigged mas dhoani (a small sailing vessel used for fishing) with a palm tree, while to the right is a vignette of a square rigged vessel known as a mas odi or ‘fishing odi’. The mas odi is an older style of fishing vessel.

Reverse: The Royal Jetty. This elaborately carved wooden construction was torn down as part of the harbour redevelopment.

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1947-1980 Issue

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