Maldives currency 10 Rufiyaa bank note of 1960

Maldives money currency banknotes 10 Rufiyaa note
Maldives banknotes 10 Rufiyaa note
Maldives money currency 10 Rufiyaa bill
Maldives currency 10 Rufiyaa
Maldives state Treasury Issues 10 Rufiyaa note of 1960
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Reverse: The Veyodorhu Ganduvaru Mathige was a three-storeyed house that was adjacent to the Sultan’s Palace. Now demolished, the building was at one stage the Sifainge, or Defence Headquarters of the militia. The aspect of the illustration on the note is from the Aa-Koattey Buruzu (New Fort Bastion). To the left of the building is Medhumaa Gate, flanked by lamp-posts. To the left of the gate is the very low Kilege Buruzu (bastion) from which gun salutes were fired.

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1947-1980 Issue

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