French banknotes 20 Francs banknote of 1941

France currency banknotes values 20 French Francs from 1941
France banknotes 20 Francs banknote
France banknote 20 French Francs
Currency of France 20 French Francs 
Currency of France 20 French Francs banknote of 1941, depicting an allegory of Science and Labor, issued by the Bank of France - Banque de France
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French Franc the former standard monetary unit of France, most French dependencies, Andorra and Monaco, divided into 100 centimes, replaced by the euro in 2002.

Obverse: In the right part of the banknote has two faces is an allegory of labor and science, a young worker with a hammer and an elderly bearded man on a background of folded sheets of paper.
Reverse: In the left part of the banknote, the researcher (Dr. Francois Debat) in a white coat leaning over a microscope, through the open window, you can see a steel bridge across the river and barge floating down the Seine river.

Watermark: French woman in front of flag.
The dimensions are 160 mm x 97 mm.
It was painted by Clement Serveau and engraved by Ernest Pierre Deloche.

July 10, 1920, Dr. Francois Debat founded the pharmaceutical Laboratory in the town of Garches, which bears his name. Among his friends was the painter Clement Serveau which was hired by the Bank of France to execute design of new banknotes.
In 1922, Clement Serveau depicted his friend François Debate the on 20 francs bill which had been put into circulation during the German occupation of France.

20 francs "Labour and Science" banknote created on December 7, 1939, put into circulation from December 16, 1940 by the Banque de France. This banknote was issued for replacing the 20 francs Bayard.
This note issued until December 1941 (dated 1942) and was replaced by the 20 francs Pêcheur "Fisherman".
Issued more than 180 million bills of 20 francs "Labour and Science".
20 francs banknote "Labour and Science" type ceased to be legal tender on 1 January 1963.