Faroese Banknotes and Coins

Faroese Banknotes

November 1940 Emergency Issue

1 Krone      5 Kroner      10 Kroner      100 Kroner

L. 12.04.1949 - ND (1950-1954) Issue

5 Kronur        10 Kronur        100 Kronur

1978-1994 Issue

20 Kronur      50 Kronur      100 Kronur      500 Kronur      1000 Kronur

2011 Issue
The motifs are inspired by the Faroese landscape and fauna. The faces of the banknotes show fragments of fauna, while the reverse motifs are reproductions of watercolours of Faroese landscapes. The watercolours are by the Faroese artist Zacharias Heinesen. The motifs have been chosen, among other reasons, for their dissimilarity, so that the banknotes are easy to distinguish from each other. The fauna motifs are fragments, which gives the banknotes a vivid appearance. The watercolours lend a special quality of lightness to the banknotes.

50 Kronur      100 Kronur      200 Kronur      500 Kronur      1000 Kronur

Faroese Coins