Faroe Islands 50 Krone banknote 2011

Faroese Banknotes 50 Krone banknote 2011 Ram’s horn
Faroe Islands money currency 50 Krone banknote 2011
Faroese Banknotes 50 Krone banknote 2011

Obverse: The ram’s horn on the 50-krone banknote is printed in intaglio. The background on the face of the banknote is a watercolour of a stone dyke.
Reverse: The reverse motif is a hillside from the village of Sumba on the west side of Suðuroy. The area is a typical habitat for sheep and rams, so a natural link is created between the ram on the face and the landscape on the reverse of the banknote.
Signatures of Dan Michael Knudsen and Aksel Vilhelmsson Johannesen. Wide windowed security thread at right on front. One 7-digit horizontal serial number at upper left on front and another one with 6 digits at lower left on front. OMRON-rings on both sides.
Watermark: Ram's head.
Format: 125 x 72 mm.
Printer: Banknote Printing Works and The Royal Danish Mint, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Faroese banknotes - Currency of the Faroe Islands
2011 Issue
The motifs are inspired by the Faroese landscape and fauna. The faces of the banknotes show fragments of fauna, while the reverse motifs are reproductions of watercolours of Faroese landscapes. The watercolours are by the Faroese artist Zacharias Heinesen. The motifs have been chosen, among other reasons, for their dissimilarity, so that the banknotes are easy to distinguish from each other. The fauna motifs are fragments, which gives the banknotes a vivid appearance. The watercolours lend a special quality of lightness to the banknotes.

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