Faeroe Islands 100 Kronur banknote 1994

Foreign currency money Faeroe Islands Kronur banknotes 100 Kroner note
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Faeroe Islands 100 Kronur banknote 1994

Obverse: Portrait of Venceslaus Ulricus Hammershaimb (March 25, 1819 – April 4, 1909), Faroese Lutheran minister who established the modern orthography of Faroese, the language of the Faroe Islands based on the Icelandic language, which like Faroese, derives from Old Norse.
Reverse: Faroese Abstract Landscape, painting by Ingálvur av Reyni (most celebrated painter of the Faroe Islands) - The Saint Magnus Cathedral ruins and the Viking yard of Kirkjubøur, cultural heritage village on the island of Streymoy, Faroe Islands.

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1978-1994 Issue

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