Cyprus 1 Pound banknote 1997

Cyprus Banknotes 1 Pound banknote 1997 Cypriot woman
Cyprus Banknotes 1 Pound banknote 1997
Central Bank of Cyprus - Kentriki Trapeza tis Kyproy - Kıbrıs Merkez Bankası

Obverse: Picture of a young Cypriot woman dressed in traditional costume; Coat of arms of Cyprus; Map of Cyprus; Registration device.
Reverse: The village of Kato Drys and a composition consisting of handicraft items, pottery and lace, registration device.
Watermark: Bust of goddess Aphrodite.
Dimensions: 140 x 68 mm.

Dated 1 October 1997. Signature of A. C. Afxediou. Windowed security thread with demetalized text on front. One horizontal and one vertical 6-digit serial number on front, both with single letter prefixes and digits of the same size. Printed by François-Charles Oberthur, France.

Cyprus banknotes - Cyprus paper money
1997-2005 Issue

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Kato Drys
Kato Drys is a small village in Cyprus, southwest of Larnaca. It is near the villages of Pano Lefkara (4 km), Kato Lefkara (4 km), and Vavla (6 km).
Its average altitude is 520 meters above sea level. The village is set in hilly terrain with narrow, deep valleys, through which flows the Agios Minas river.
A significant figure from the village is Saint Neophytos, born in Kato Drys in 1134. The house in which he was born still stands today. Sir Reo Stakis (1913–2001) was also born in the village.
There is a small church dedicated to the saint located on a hill near the village.