Cyprus 5 Pounds banknote 2001

Cyprus Banknotes 5 Pounds banknote 2001 Limestone head
Cyprus money currency 5 Pounds banknote 2001 Peristerona church and a Turkish mosque
Cyprus Banknotes 5 Pounds banknote 2001
Central Bank of Cyprus - Kentriki Trapeza tis Kyproy - Kıbrıs Merkez Bankası

Obverse: Limestone head of a young man, dating from the 5th century BC; Coat of arms of Cyprus; Map of Cyprus; Registration device.
Reverse: Peristerona church and a Turkish mosque in the background.
Watermark: Bust of goddess Aphrodite.
Dimensions: 148 x 72 mm.

Dated 1 February 2001. Signature of A. C. Afxediou. Windowed security thread with demetalized text on front. One horizontal and one vertical 6-digit serial number on front, both with single letter prefixes and digits of the same size. Printed by François-Charles Oberthur, France.

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