Saudi Arabia 1 Riyal Note 1984

Saudi Arabia Banknotes 1 Riyal Note 1984 Umayyad gold Dinar, King Fahd
Saudi Arabia money currency 1 Riyal Note 1984
Saudi Arabia Banknotes 1 Riyal Bank Note 1984
One Riyal Note: Fourth issue, printed during the reign of King Fahd.

Obverse: In the middle is a picture of King Fahd, with the words "One Riyal" below it. At the top right is the serial number, and number and date of the Royal Decree by virtue of which the note was issued and the name of King Fahd. To the left is a picture of an Umayyad Dinar with the following inscriptions on it: Field: "There is no god but Allah, with no associate." In the margin we read: "Mohammad is God's messenger, sent with guidance and the true religion to prevail over all religions". At the top left is the name of SAMA. The face also includes the security thread and the signatures of the Minister of Finance and the Governor.

Reverse: Contains a natural scene with flowers. Above is the name of SAMA and under it is the value of the note, both in English. At the bottom right is the Kingdom's emblem. On the left side of the note is the water mark In the light of the economic boom in Saudi Arabia during the reign of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, King Fahd ibn Abdul-Aziz, he gave orders that a note of 500 riyals to be issued, in addition to the re-issue of 100,50, 10, 5 and 1 riyal notes. The fourth Issue had many distinctive characteristics in its printing style, to help the public distinguish this currency easily from others. It was put into circulation on 1/ 41 1404 A.H. (41 1/1984 A.D.).
Size: 134 × 62 mm. Color: Dark Brown.

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L. AH1379 - ND (1983-2003) Issue

The 4th Issue of Saudi Banknotes was put in circulation on 1/4/1404 H. (corresponding to 4/1/1984G.), during the Reign of The Custodian of The Two holy Mosques, King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz. This issue is unique for it added the denomination of the Five Hundred Saudi Riyals banknote to the then existing One Hundred, Fifty, Ten, Five and One Saudi Riyal banknotes. This also indicated a positive response to the evolving expansion in monetary dealings brought about by progressive economic developments in the Kingdom.

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