One Saudi Riyal Note 1976

Saudi Arabia money currency One Saudi Riyal Note 1976 King Faisal
Saudi Arabia Banknotes One Saudi Riyal Note 1976 Dhahran Airport
Saudi Arabia Banknotes One Saudi Riyal Note 1976
One Riyal Note: Third Issue, circulated during the reign of King Khalid.

Obverse: Divided into three parts. In the middle is depicted al-Nur Mountain in Makkah. To the right is a picture of King Faisal, with the undertaking to pay the value of the note above the portrait. To the left are the security thread and the water mark inside a star-like shape. Above these appear the number and date of the Royal Decree by virtue of which the note was issued and the name of the King At the top of the note appears the name of SAMA in Arabic, and at the bottom appears the value of the note, in words, and the signatures of the Minister of Finance and the Governor. The serial number appears at the bottom of the water mark., and the value in numbers is printed in the comers.

Reverse: Divided into three parts. In the middle is a view of Dhahran Airport; to the right is the water mark and to the left is the Kingdom's emblem. At the top is the name of SAMA in English, and at the bottom appears the value of the note in English too
Size: 130 × 65 mm. Color: Brown.

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L. AH1379 - ND (1976-1977) Issue

On 16/10/1396H (corresponding to 9/9/1976H.), the 3rd Issue of Saudi Banknotes was put in circulation during the Reign of King Khalid Bin Abdulaziz. This 3rd Issue included the One Hundred, the Fifty, the Ten, the Five and the One Saudi Riyal denominations

1 Riyal      5 Riyals      10 Riyals      50 Riyals      100 Riyals

Dhahran International Airport - King Abdulaziz Air Base
King Abdulaziz Air Base is a Royal Saudi Air Force Air Base located near to Dhahran in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
The airport terminal building is one of the architectural works of Minoru Yamasaki, and was completed in 1961. The architecture is a blending of traditional Islamic forms with modern technology. For example the flight control tower has the appearance of a minaret. Images of the terminal have been used on Saudi banknotes and is viewed as having influenced the design of a number of important buildings throughout the Middle East.
In 1999, after the opening of the King Fahd International Airport, all scheduled flights were shifted out of Dhahran International Airport.
Between 1963 and 1999 the base was called Dhahran Air Base.
Between 17 September 1963 and 20 November 1963 the United States Air Force's 524th Tactical Fighter Squadron was deployed here with North American F-100 Super Sabre's.
The Gulf War - During Operation Desert Shield - Desert Storm in 1991, the U.S. 101st Airborne Division had their base setup at the airport.
A detachment of Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado GR1's from No. 31 Squadron RAF were based here during January 1991.
During October 1994 the 23d Wing's (Flying Tigers) 75th Fighter Squadron (Tigersharks) and its full complement of Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt IIs initially deployed from Pope AFB, North Carolina to Dhahran Air Base, Saudi Arabia, followed by the first forward deployment to Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait.
During 1999 the base was renamed to King Abdulaziz Air Base.
Dhahran International Airport has been transformed into a military airbase. It has been renamed King Abdulaziz Air Base and serves the purposes of the Royal Saudi Air Force. There are also a couple of VIP airlines that operate out of DHA. Aviation link company operates one A319 and B777-200. There is also nexus flight operations that operates one A319.