Bahrain 5 Dinars banknote 1993

Bahrain Banknotes 5 Dinars banknote 1993 Riffa Fort
Bahrain Currency money 5 Dinars banknote 1993 Bahrain International Airport
Bahrain Banknotes 5 Dinars banknote 1993 Bahrain Monetary Agency

Obverse: The south-western tower of Riffa Fort - The fort of Riffa is built on the escarpment overlooking the Hunainiya valley south of Manama near the centre of Bahrain. Work commenced on the fort in 1812 under the authority of Sheikh Sulman bin Ahmed al Khalifah. It is thought that the fort was built on the site of the palace of Sheikh Farir.

Reverse: Bahrain International Airport - The original international terminal was opened in December 1961, but a new terminal built to handle the increased traffic opened in 1971. Further expansion took place in 1975 and in March 1994 a major refurbishment and expansion of the airport was completed.

Issued by: Central Bank of Bahrain
Size: 142 mm x 71 mm.
Signature: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa.
Watermark: The head of an Oryx.
Security Thread: Wide, windowed thread with "BMA'' (Latin text) and "Bahrain Monetary Agency'' (Arabic text) microprinted on the thread.

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