Bahrain 20 Dinars banknote 1993

Bahrain Banknotes 20 Dinars banknote 1993 Bab Al Bahrain
Bahrain Currency money 20 Dinars banknote 1993 Ahmad al Fateh Islamic Centre
Bahrain Banknotes 20 Dinars banknote 1993 Bahrain Monetary Agency

   The 20-dinar note has an illustration of the Bab al Bahrain on its front and the Ahmad al Fateh Islamic Centre on its back. At the end of the Customs Pier in Manama is a small square, originally called Customs Square and now Shaikh Sulman Square. On the side of the square opposite the Customs Pier is the ‘Bab al Bahrain’- the ‘Gate of Bahrain’. The ‘Gate’ was designed by Sir Charles Belgrave and built in 1945. Consisting of two buildings joined by an arch, the complex originally housed several Government departments, including Customs and Immigration. For those who originally arrived in Bahrain by sea, this was the first building to be seen after leaving the Customs Pier. In recent times the building has undergone extensive remodelling and now incorporates several Islamic design features. The building is now the headquarters for the Directorate of Tourism and Archaeology.
   The Ahmad al Fateh Islamic Centre in Juffair was built between 1983 and 1988 to commemorate the two hundredth anniversary of the rule of Bahrain by the al Khalifah dynasty. It is one of the largest buildings in Bahrain, housing the Religious Institute for Islamic Affairs and a mosque, which can accommodate 7,000 worshippers. It was named after a descendant of Ahmad al Khalifa, who captured Bahrain in August 1783.

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Bahrain Monetary Agency - L. 1979 "Arms" Issue

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