Bahrain 10 Dinars banknote 1993

Bahrain Banknotes 10 Dinars banknote 1993 Dhow
Bahrain Currency money 10 Dinars banknote 1993
Bahrain Banknotes 10 Dinars banknote 1993 Bahrain Monetary Agency

Obverse: A two-masted dhow under full sail - Strangely, the word 'Dhow' is foreign to the Arabian Gulf and its origins are unknown. However, the word is now commonly used to refer to any sailing vessel. Boat-building in Bahrain has a long history, and there are many types of traditional sailing vessels that have been built on the islands. In former days the planks of the vessels were sewn together, but in later times were nailed. In modern times the types of boats which have been constructed are those which lend themselves to the addition of an engine.

Reverse: An aerial view of the customs and immigration island - This island is situated halfway between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia on the King Fahd Causeway that links the two countries. The causeway is 25 kilometres long, took four and  a half years to build (after a long period of planning) and was officially opened on 26 November 1986. The island contains both Saudi and Bahraini immigration and customs offices.

Issued by: Central Bank of Bahrain
Size: 142 mm x 71 mm.
Signature: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa
Watermark: The head of an Oryx.
Security thread: Wide, windowed thread.

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Bahrain Monetary Agency - L. 1979 "Arms" Issue

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