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50 Pesos Victory
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Philippines banknotes 50 Pesos Treasury Certificate 1944 Victory Series 66

Obverse: Portrait of Major General Henry W. Lawton, seal of the Philippine-American Commonwealth.
Reverse: "VICTORY" overprint, seal of the Philippine-American Commonwealth.
Signatures: (as depicted) S. Osmena (President), J. Hernandez (Auditor General).

Text: Treasury Certificate – By Authority Of An Act Of The Philippine Legislature Approved By The President Of The United States June 13, 1922 – This Certifies That There Have Been Deposited In The Treasury Of The – Philippines – Fifty Pesos – Payable To The Bearer On Demand – In Silver Pesos Or In Legal Tender Currency Of The United States Of Equivalent Value – Series 66 – Fifty Pesos – Manila, Philippines – Lawton.
Printer: USBEP - United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Henry Ware Lawton (March 17, 1843 – December 19, 1899) was a highly respected U.S. Army officer who served with distinction in the Civil War, the Apache Wars, the Spanish–American War and was the only U.S. general officer to be killed during the Philippine–American War. Henry Lawton, as Captain and commander of B-Troop of the 4th U.S. Cavalry   is credited with the capture of the great Apache Chief Geronimo, September 1886.   It is most ironic, then, that Lawton, as a Major General, lost his life during the Spanish-American War on December 19, 1899,  to the forces of a Filipino General named . . . . .  Licerio Geronimo. The city of Lawton, Oklahoma, takes its name from General Lawton, and also a borough in the city of Havana, Cuba.

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1944 Victory Series 66

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