US Philippines Currency 100 Pesos banknote 1944 Victory Series 66 Treasury Certificate

US Philippines banknotes paper money 100 Peso Treasury Certificate Victory Magellan
Philippines banknote 100 Pesos , Victory Series
100 Peso Pesos note Victory bill Treasury Certificate
 Philippines 100 Pesos , VICTORY overprint
US Philippines Currency - 100 Pesos banknote 1944 Victory Series 66 Treasury Certificate
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Obverse: Spanish navigator Ferdinand Magellan, seal of the Philippine National Bank.
Reverse: Central Bank of the Philippines - VICTORY overprint, seal of the Philippine-American Commonwealth.

Text:  By authority of an act of the Philippine Legislature. Approved by the President of the United States June 13, 1922.  Treasury Certificate - This certifies that there has been deposited in the treasury of the Philippines One Hundred Pesos payable to the bearer on demand; in silver pesos or in legal tender currency of the United States of equivalent value." Victory series no. 66.
Printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing United States Department of the Treasury.

Philippines banknotes - Philippines paper money
1944 Victory Series 66

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