Philippines banknotes 500 pesos Victory Series 1944

Philippines banknotes paper money 500 pesos 1944 Victory Series Legazpi
Philippines Five Hundred Pesos Victory note
Philippine five hundred peso bill
500 Peso VICTORY Note
Philippines banknotes 500 pesos 1944 Victory Series, Treasury Certificate ND (1949). Central Bank of the Philippines Overprint

Obverse: Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, seal of the Philippine-American Commonwealth. Signature: Manuel Roxas
Reverse: "Central Bank of the Philippines VICTORY" overprint, seal of the Philippine-American Commonwealth

Text: By authority of an act of the Philippine Legislature. Approved by the President of the United States June 13, 1922. This certifies that there has been deposited in the treasury of the Philippines Five Hundred Pesos payable to the bearer on demand; in silver pesos or in legal tender currency of the United States of equivalent value." Victory series no. 66, Treasury Certificate

Miguel López de Legazpi (c. 1502 – August 20, 1572), also known as El Adelantado and El Viejo (The Elder), was a Basque Spanish navigator and governor who established the first Spanish settlement in the East Indies when his expedition crossed the Pacific Ocean from the Viceroyalty of New Spain in modern-day Mexico, and founded Cebu on the Philippine Islands in 1565. He was the first Governor-General of Spanish East Indies which included the Philippines and other Pacific archipelagos, namely Guam and the Marianas Islands. After obtaining peace with various indigenous nations and kingdoms, Miguel López de Legazpi made Manila the capital of the Spanish East Indies in 1571. The capital of the province of Albay in the Philippines, Legazpi City bears his name.

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1944 Victory Series 66

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