1928 One Thousand Dollar Federal Reserve Note

One Thousand Dollar Federal Reserve Note
1928 $1000 Federal Reserve Note
1928 1000 Dollars Federal Reserve Note

United States 1928 One Thousand Dollar Federal Reserve Note. F - Bank of Atlanta

Obverse: Portrait of Grover Cleveland (22nd & 24th U.S. President)
Signatures: Walter Orr Woods, Treasurer of the United States and Andrew William Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury.
Reverse: Numeral 1000 and the phrase “The United States of America  One Thousand Dollars”

Green Seal One Thousand Dollar Bills (1928 - 1934A) 
Green seal one thousand dollar bills come in two years and three different signature combinations. These are the years available: 1928, 1934, 1934A Some 1928 one thousand dollar bills do say "redeemable in gold" but that doesn't make them gold certificates. Any one thousand dollar bill with a green seal is called a federal reserve note. Federal reserve notes were printed for all twelve federal reserve banks.

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United States 1000 Dollar Bills

United States 1000 Dollar Bill Federal Reserve Note Series 1928