1869 Five Dollar Legal Tender Note "Rainbow" Woodchopper

US currency 1869 5 Dollar Legal Tender Note Rainbow Woodchopper
Five Dollar Bill From Series of 1869 Woodchopper and his family
5 Dollar Legal Tender Note Bill
1969 Five Dollar Legal Tender Bill
United States Notes - “Rainbow Notes” 1869 Five Dollar Legal Tender Note Woodchopper

Obverse: Bust of Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States, 1829-1833, from a painting by Thomas Sully, engraved by Alfred Sealey. At center, a Pioneer Family, engraved by Henry Gugler.
Reverse: Ornate Engraved Design.
Signatures: (as depicted) John Allison, Register of the Treasury and James Nelson Huston, Treasurer of the United States.

The vivid coloring on the Legal Tender Notes of the Series of 1869 has resulted in them being called “Rainbow Notes.”

The nickname for the 1869 $5 bill is the woodchopper.  The note has the portrait of Andrew Jackson on the left hand side.  The central image is that of a pioneer family moving west.  A husband and wife are pictured with their young baby.  There is also a hound dog in the frame.  The man is holding an ax.  We sometimes here this one called the wood splitter; however, woodchopper is certainly the most well-known nickname.

Inscriptions:  Act of March 3rd 1863  -  Bureau Engraving and Printing  -  Patented July 24th 1866  -  Patented Nov 24 1863  -  Register Of The Treasury  -  Treasurer Of The United States  -  Legal Tender For Five Dollars  -  Series of 1869  -  The United States Will Pay To Bearer Five Dollars Washington  -  Treasury Note  -  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur  -  American Bank Note Co. New York.  -  This Note is a Legal Tender at its face value for all debts public and private, except duties on imports and interest on the public debt.  Counterfeiting or altering this note or passing any counterfeit or alteration of it, or having in possession any false or counterfeit plate or impression of it, or any paper made in imitation of the paper on which it is printed is felony, and is punishable by $5,000 fine, or 15 years imprisonment at hard labor or both.

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United States 5 Dollar Bill, Legal Tender Note "Rainbow" Woodchopper, Series 1869

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