Cayman Islands 50 Dollar Note 1974

Cayman Islands banknotes 50 Dollars note 1974
This note is legal tender for Fifty Dollars
Cayman Islands paper money currency 50 Dollars bank note 1974
Cayman Islands 50 Dollar Note 1974
Cayman Islands Currency Board. Issued under the Cayman Islands Currency Law 1974.

Obverse: Coat of arms of the Cayman Islands at upper center; Queen Elizabeth II at right.
Reverse: Government House at center (located in Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman).
Watermark: Tortoise.
Printed by TDLR - Thomas De La Rue and Company Limited, London.

Cayman Islands banknotes 1974 Currency Law Issue

    1 Dollar      5 Dollars      10 Dollars      25 Dollars      40 Dollars  

50 Dollars           100 Dollars

The Cayman Islands Dollar was introduced in 1972, replacing the Jamaican Dollar at par. The currency of Jamaica remained as legal tender in the Cayman Islands until August 1, 1972.
Since April 1, 1974 the Cayman Islands Dollar has been pegged to US Dollar at 1 Cayman Islands Dollar = 1.20 USD.