Mexico 100 Pesos banknote 1941 Banco De Mexico

Mexico banknotes paper money 100 Pesos banknote
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Mexico 100 Pesos banknote 1941 Banco De Mexico 1940-1953 Issue

Obverse: Portrait Francisco Ignacio Madero at right.
Reverse: Banco de Mexico building, Mexico City.
Printed by American Bank Note Company, ABNC, New York.
Size : 157 x 67 mm - printed from september 1, 1936 to november 25, 1942

Mexican Banknotes - Second emission
Bank of Mexico - Banco De Mexico
Between the first emission (wide notes) and the third (reduced size) there are four denominations which belong to the second emission, or transitional period, all of which are reduced in size. The name "transition" applies, above all to the five and ten peso notes, because they bear a majority of characteristics of the first type, but all are reduced in size. The other two denominations are the fifty and one-hundred peso notes which are of a totally different type from the preceding and the following series.

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Francisco Ignacio Madero Gonz├ílez (30 October 1873‒22 February 1913) was a Mexican statesman, writer, and revolutionary who served as the 33rd president of Mexico from 1911 until his assassination in 1913. An advocate for social justice and democracy, Madero was instrumental in creating the revolutionary movement that began in 1910 and led to the fall of the dictatorship of then-president, Porfirio Diaz.