Bulgarian banknotes 50 Leva banknote of 1922

Bulgarian 50 Leva banknotes currency money bill
Bulgarian Banknotes 50 Leva
Bulgaria 50 Leva banknotes currency money notes images
Bulgaria 50 Leva note
Bulgaria 50 Leva banknote of 1922, issued by the Bulgarian National Bank - Българска народна банка. 
In circulation from December 1923
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Obverse: Coat of arms of Bulgaria from the period 1881-1927;
Reverse: a shepherd-pipe player, sheep at midday rest nearby.

Size: 142 x 80 mm, horizontal
Watermark – none
Artistic design – Dimitar Gyudjenov, Nikola Kozhouharov
Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York, USA