Czechoslovakia money 10 Czech Korun banknote 1927 Jaroslava Mucha as Slavia & Husite soldiers

Czechoslovakia banknotes 10 Czech korun note
10 Czech korun banknote
Czechoslovakia money currency banknotes 10 Czech korun Alphonse Mucha
 Czechoslovakia 10 korun banknote - Alphonse Mucha, Jaroslava Mucha 
Czechoslovakia money 10 Czech Korun banknote 1927, issued by the 
National Bank of Czechoslovakia - Národná banka Československa
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Obverse: Coat of arms of Czechoslovakia; Two portraits of Hussite Wagon Soldiers - one with medieval flail at left and with heavy flanged mace at right. (Taborites - Hussite Wars).
Reverse: Portraits of Jaroslava Mucha as Slavia, daughter of Alphonse Mucha.

Jaroslava, Mucha's first child, was born in 1909 in New York, during the family's stay in America. She appears in numerous pictures and designs, including Czechoslovak banknotes.
When Mucha was working on the Slav Epic at Zbiroh, Western Bohemia, Jaroslava not only posed for the paintings, but also worked as her father's technical assistant. This early training may have helped her pursue her career as a conservator of fine art.

Watermark: continuous - "tiled roofing"
Author: Rudlof Rössler (obverse), Alois Mudruňka (Hussites heads), Alfons Mucha (reverse)