Yugoslavian banknotes 1000 Dinara banknote of 1935.

Yugoslavia banknotes 1000 Dinara currency money images
Yugoslavia - 1000 dinara note
Yugoslavia banknotes Dinara currency money notes images
Yugoslavia - 1000 Dinara banknote of 1935, National Bank of Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
Dated: September 6, 1935. - This note was not put into the circulation.
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Obverse: Allegorical woman with a laurel branch in his right hand and three mounted warriors, with Yugoslav Royal coat of arms on the shield of one of the riders. Mother and child or "teacher and a pupil" - at left.
Reverse: seated blacksmith with hammer on his right shoulder and fisherman with paddle in his hand. Big bridge over the river at center.
Watermark: Head of young King Peter II.
Signatures: Governors of the National Bank of Kingdom of Yugoslavia - Milan Radosavljevic, a member of the council - Jovan Lovchevich.
Format: 182 x 113 mm; Color: Multicolor; Paper: white thin.
Graphic artist - Vasa Pomorishats and Panta Stoyichevich, engraver - Veljko A. Kuhn.
Printed by "ZIN" - Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins (ZIN), Belgrade.

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues, 1368 - 1960 by Albert Pick: P-33 (Yugoslavia).