Mauritius banknotes 5 Rupees 1967 Queen Elizabeth II

Mauritius Rupees currency banknote images young Queen Elizabeth II.
Mauritius banknotes 5 Rupees, Queen Elizabeth banknotes
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Currency of Mauritius 5 Rupees
Mauritius banknotes 5 Rupees Queen Elizabeth II banknote of 1967, issued by the Bank of Mauritius
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Obverse: Portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth II wearing the regalia of the Order of the Garter from a painting by Pietro Annigoni at right. Coat of arms of Mauritius. The value of 5 Rupees written in English, Tamil and Hindi.

Reverse: Regatta of Pirogues with sails in Mahebourg over Lion Mountain - Two men in a Mauritian pirogue sail boat. They are copy of lifeboat of French vessel in the 18th Century. They are also very famous for Mauritian Regata that took place ever year in the four side of the island.

Watermark: Dodo bird. The dodo was a flightless bird endemic to Mauritius. It stood a meter tall and weighed 20 kilograms. The dodo lost the power of flight because food was abundant and predators were absent on Mauritius. The dodo was first mentioned by Dutch sailors in 1598. By 1681, all dodos had been killed by hungry sailors or their domesticated animals. The extinction of the bird, within 80 years of its discovery, made people realise for the first time that humans could induce the extinction of plants and animals
Printed: Thomas De La Rue, London England.

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ND (1967) "Queen Elizabeth II" Issue

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